Terms of Service

Please check our Terms of Service regularly. We can update them at any time without notice. You will agree to any changes if you continue to use this site after the terms and conditions have been updated.

Services and Transactions

You can use this site to access CryptoCrobot services and transactions.

You will be asked to provide some personal information in order to register on the website and take advantage of the additional features that registered users can access. This information will be restricted to details which may help us provide better services to you through the website. Our basic registration process will ask for your name, telephone contact number and e-mail address. By providing this information you consent to CryptoCrobot using these details to help provide you with services or answers to queries, as appropriate.

You will be required to agree to CryptoCrobot using your details in this way when you complete the registration process. Similarly, if you wish to contact CryptoCrobot through the website you may be asked to provide some limited personal information to enable us to respond to your question or comment. Complaints may be submitted without providing personal details - we will not, however, be able to respond to you unless you provide a means of contact. You do not need to provide us with personal information simply to browse the site. Once you have registered and created an account, it is your responsibility to ensure that login credentials, including passwords, are protected and secure.

If you use the online payment facilities offered on this website, the details you provide will be stored on a secure server operated by thePayment provider chosen. Paypal or Crypto Pay. CryptoCrobot does not have access to these details and we will only hold the information about the identity of the person and/or business making payment and the nature of the payment.

We store data collected via this site on secure servers and we have strict controls over how and why your data can be accessed. By submitting your data, you agree to this.

Cryptocrobot provides users with timely alerts of price changes within the cryptocurrency space. We are not advisers or stockbrokers. Alerts sent are for information only and not a direct signal to buy or sell cryptocurrencies. We are not responsible for any of your cryptocurrency transactions you decide to make having received an alert. We recommend all persons only trade cryptocurrencies with funds they can afford to lose. The cryptocurrency space is extremmely volatile.